What Showed Up With Harvey

I grew up in Houston. As a kid I went to the ‘dome and, alongside Dad, enjoyed the careers of Biggio, Bagwell, and Caminiti. I’ve hunted and fished in the southeast Texas region my entire life. My roots are there, our company headquarters is there, and my family is there. I live in north Texas now, but I will always be part Houstonian – because part of my heart is there.

Hurricane Harvey showed up with a vengeance. It ripped through Houston and the entire southeast Texas region (which happens to be a pretty large area given the size of Texas). Much of the time during Harvey’s visitation to Houston, north Texas was gorgeous. It was bizarre. Cooler temperatures and blue skies made it an odd experience to know my family, friends, and colleagues were praying the water wouldn’t keep rising.

Hard times intensify character. I do not mean that hard times breed character, though Lord knows they sometimes do. What I mean is that when we go through adversity our response shows the measure of our character. It bubbles to the surface in how we respond.

If you try to form your reality by watching the mainstream news networks, your perspective will be skewed. It helps to have the perspective of eyewitnesses. Here is what I heard from my loved ones about the goings on during Harvey:

  • Neighbors helped neighbors tear out carpet and sheetrock
  • A first responder friend of mine worked for nearly seven days straight fueled by Power Bars, chewing tobacco, and love for his fellow Houstonians
  • Dogs were pulled off the street and given food and love
  • Buc-ee’s opened its doors to first responders as a staging area
  • The Cajun Navy brought an armada of jon boats to help from Louisiana

This country seems quite divided at times, but I must say we’ve seen a beautiful display of humanity in the midst of this horrible storm. People of all ages, colors, faiths, and socioeconomic standing literally jumped in the same boat. This inspires me and makes me proud of this great state.

The storm is gone, but it’ll take a long time to take inventory of the totality of the damage. The rebuilding process has begun, and Texans are showing up – because that’s what Texans do.

Harvey showed up with a biblical amount of water and rain. But what also showed up with Harvey is an entire population of people who are tough, resilient, and kind. Please join me in prayer for our brothers and sisters in southeast Texas. We are with you.

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