By wisdom a house is built,
and by understanding it is established;

(Proverbs 24:3)

Church building projects are exciting. And stressful. Churches are like families, and church building projects are like building a new home for the growing family. Pennies are pinched and saved, dreams are captured in architectural renderings, and then

The and then is where the going gets tough. The before (planning stage) and after (move-in stage) are delightful, but often the and then (the building process) is frustrating. The building process is full of unknown variables like weather, material shortages, change orders, and subcontractor performance. What further complicates the process is that pastors are not construction managers.

We get it.

Having been involved in church construction projects from both the contractor side and the church leadership side, we understand that these eternally important building projects require a different approach from other building projects. Status quo practices will not do.

Specifically, we believe church building projects require:

  • Consistent Reporting. The contractor must report progress to the church in plain language with a built-in cadence for answering questions
  • Excellent Project Management. The construction of a church reflects upon the church itself, so the project management team must not only be skilled and experienced but people of high character who represent the project with integrity.
  • Transparent Pricing. We strongly advocate for transparent, cost-plus pricing so the client sees where the church dollars are spent. Whether lump sum or cost plus, however, the pricing must be transparent so the church leadership can ensure they’re stewarding church finances wisely.
  • Proactive Scheduling. Time is money, and typically the congregation eagerly anticipates the first service in the new building. After a capital campaign, the last thing a church wants to have happen is for the project to drag out. The contractor must schedule the trades such that the project moves forward expeditiously.
  • Quick Decision-Making and Problem-Solving. There will be problems. That’s construction. But problems must not become impasses. The church construction team must work together for the common goal of getting the building built with excellence.

What We Do

Suntech is a general contractor, meaning we hire subcontractors and manage the construction process to ensure the building is built per the plans and specifications. Our seasoned team of professionals are positioned throughout the state and we arrange each team based on the needs of the project.

If your church is considering a building project in the near future, give us a call or shoot us an email. We can then work from there to determine if our company might be a fit for your and then.

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